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All Workout Programs include easy-to-follow video demonstrations


Full Body Muscle Building Program


At home or in the gym, all you need is a pair of dumbbells to complete this 8 Week Program.  Includes 4 full body strength training workouts per week, warm ups for joint durability, and cool downs for flexibility/recovery.


Boxing + Muscle Building Program


For those who want to have some extra fun. With this program, you'll built lean and chisled arms and abs. It includes 3 full heavy bag/shadow boxing workouts that utilizes HIIT style training. Day 2 of the Workout Week will always start with a Strength Workout. Joint Durability Warm Up and Flexibility/Recover Cool Down included.


4 Month of Coaching


I recommend this option to all those looking looking to take their workout form and results to the next level. Not do you only learn how to build muscle and burn body fat for life, but I'm available as your support system. This program includes weekly FaceTime/Zoom meetings to review your upcoming workouts and talk through how we'll hit your goals.



Pay as You Go Coach


This option combines all the benefits of having a coach who designs personalized workouts for your body with the flexibility to cancel at anytime.


Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Find the Right Workout Plan for YOU

Cross Fit Class

About Me:


Hey! I'm  Alex Murphy and I   grew up  overweight and out of shape. Growing up like that   took a tole on my life. It made me feel alienated from my friends and it lowered my sense of self worth.  

At 16, I began my fitness journey. Over the past 10+ years, I'm happy to say this journey has improved my relationship with food and exercise, built sustainable long term healthy habits, and shown that anyone can take ownership of their health.


From learning from schools of exercise science, body builders, powerlifters, boxers, nutritionists, and countless others, I've made it my top priority to help others on their fitness jounrey.  I'm proud  to say I've helped well over 200 clients change their lives.

Check out my social media pages to learn more about my journey and how I can be a guide on yours.

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Green Leaf


The pursuit of mental and spiritual well being is just as important as the physical. Below, I've written a few blogs focused on some helpful realizations in my life. I hope they light a fire in you.


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